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Purchasing a Casket

Must I buy the casket from the funeral home handling arrangements?
No. Federal law stipulates that ALL funeral homes in Texas are required to accept a casket selected from any source by your family, without any additional fee to you. You are not required to purchase a casket as part of a funeral package, which is why it is important to get a quote from the home for the entire package including a casket before telling them that you will be obtaining the casket elsewhere. Find out more and watch a video by the Federal Trade Commission about your rights.


Do you deliver to the funeral home?
We generally provide free delivery within 50 miles of Austin. Contact us for a determination about your specific location.
Do you deliver on weekends and holidays?
Yes, as long as the casket has arrived in our warehouse by then or the order was placed in time for us to pick it up from the manufacturer. We do maintain a stock of caskets from which you may choose if you are on a tight timeline insufficient for normal shipping times
Do you offer same-day delivery?
Yes, on several of our more popular models for orders placed by 9am. Caskets not in stock can usually be delivered the next day. Since manufacturers are not open on the weekend, orders placed by 10am Friday cannot typically be delivered until Monday afternoon if the casket is not in our stock.
How do you deliver caskets to the funeral home?
Except in rare cases, we will personally deliver the casket to the funeral home for your family. We do not use delivery drivers inexperienced in handling a fine casket for your special delivery.


If your prices are so much cheaper than a funeral home, how do your caskets compare to theirs?
We purchase from some of the same suppliers used by many funeral homes. Therefore, we provide the same casket a funeral home purchasing from the supplier could furnish. The difference is we do not mark them up nearly as much. The materials and quality used to manufacture the casket is the same.


How much can you save in costs?
The exact savings depends on the markup imposed by the funeral home, but can range from several hundred to thousands of dollars. Each funeral home marks up the price based on what they feel their market will support. There is no Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price on caskets. The Funeral Consumer Alliance of Central Texas conducts annual surveys on funeral home prices and bi-annually on cemetery prices. Some surveys are also available Spanish. To ensure you get the best prices, compare their survey results to the quotes you receive from any source. You can view their information here.

4 Reasons to Purchase from Collier’s Affordable Caskets

  • No hidden fees
  • The same quality of caskets offered by funeral homes
  • Significant savings on casket prices
  • Personalized service with on-time delivery
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